Grace Tong, Co-Founder and Partner, MaiseGrace Tong, Co-Founder and Partner
There is no downplaying the pandemic’s impact on e-commerce adoption. With worldwide vaccination drives and the effects of COVID-19 waning off, brands must understand that physical retail shopping will still be relevant in the coming months. Otherwise, their omnichannel marketing strategies focused on e-commerce marketplaces will cannibalize all the communication channels and exclude many consumers whose shopping touchpoints don’t involve a digital one. The needed adjustment is nuanced but critical: Create seamless experiences from one touchpoint to another instead of segregating online and offline touchpoints. Omnichannel business and marketing strategies have grown increasingly important in recent years, but marketers need to focus more on creating holistic experiences for consumers. This is precisely where Maise comes into the picture. Maise is an experiential design consultancy firm that connects brands with consumers through various marketing channels.

“We help brands define the opportunities offered by new-age communication channels and plot out the consumer journey to drive digital experience through those channels,” says Grace Tong, cofounder and managing partner at Maise. The company bridges the gap between brands and consumers by translating its clients’ marketing teams’ strategies into consumer-relevant creative initiatives through tailored brand and packaging design, event activations, communications, and experiential retail design. Maise looks at the complexities and challenges of its clients’ marketing and branding workflows and designs a solution to overcome those impediments. This gives Maise a clear understanding of scaling its clients’ brand campaigns to the digital world.

Maise, which stems from an old Scottish word meaning ‘smaller details in life, beauty and charm,’ believes its culture sets it apart from the many other agencies in the market. Maise believes in breaking down hierarchies through strong internal communication within teams as a strong proponent of openness and transparency. This would allow the different units of an organization to work well together and achieve their branding or marketing goals effortlessly. Together with Maise’s experienced team, these cohorts can develop consumer activities, packaging design, retail spaces, visual identity, UX/UI design, project management, consumer journeys, and communication plans. Maise can also help clients in rapid prototyping, product design, app, video editing, 3D motion graphics, content creation, animation, and audiovisual programming.

We help brands define the opportunities offered by new-age communication channels and plot out the consumer journey to drive digital experience through those channels

A recent case study can best explain how these services help Maise’s clients. During the December holiday season, Estée Lauder partnered with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) and Maise to win the hearts of shoppers at Sanya HaiTang Bay Mall, China. Maise helped Estée Lauder create a 360-degree immersive holiday takeover, including banners, ads, PR kits, holiday set special packaging, collaterals, and communication strategy. Additionally, Maise also assisted Estée Lauder set up a towering gifting pop-up filled with the brand’s bestselling products and travelexclusive gift sets and created a special content animation based on the Holiday Townhouse illustration by Megan Hess.

Striding ahead with many similar customer success stories in its belt, Maise is now keeping a pulse on different technological innovations and their potential in creating a new consumer communication channel. For instance, one of the innovations Maise maintains a strict focus on is how to better optimize the metaverse platform. As this virtual reality world is expected to pave a new way for human interaction, Maise plans to incorporate metaverse platforms as a new communication channel for its clients. With the help of innovative technologies, Maise is set to redefine omnichannel communication tenets.