Marlene N, Co-Founder, AKKTIV8Marlene N, Co-Founder
From new variants and vaccines to changing public health guidance across every part of the globe, it's hard to know what's coming next.

The customer journey has been forever altered.

To get and to stay ahead, brands must understand their customers and employees across every touchpoint. It's the only way organizations can be ready to adapt and innovate to meet rising expectations, overcome unpredictable market conditions and deliver seamless experiences.

The retail industry is on a never-ending quest to get the right products to consumers when, where, and how they want. Akktiv8 is leading the charge in driving a better CX for their retail partners. Yes, the pandemic has turbo-charged digitalization, but e-commerce is no longer a differentiator. Akktiv8 is working with global retailers to attract and keep delighting more customers, by delivering fun, convenient, digital and in-person experiences. With a focus on sustainable business practices the company is leading with its partners on Customer Experience (CX). Their big focus for 2022 is also on the employees and ensuring that retailers are keeping employees happy too, because knowledgeable, engaged workers are a crucial part of the CX.

The company’s eight pillars include customer journey mapping, brand and retailer harmony across digital and in-store, employee experience, in store experience, customer analytics, in-store street teams–national field execution, experiential marketing, and retail staff training.

“Our point of distinction is that we work with both the retailers and the brands that they represent to fulfill the brand promise in the last three feet to the shopper,” says Marlene, Co-Founder at Akktiv8. Having worked in the industry for three decades and deemed “the queen of retail,” Marlene leads the team at Akktiv8 to take client retail experience to the next level. With a competent team of trainers, analysts, strategists, compliance officers, and collaborators on board, Akktiv8 does everything with zeal and a smile to drive a better CX in retail.

As a retail marketing agency, Akktiv8 follows a broad approach to diving deep into the client business, understanding their brand promise, as the first step to delivering it successfully. The company’s proven methodology ensures that retailers increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) by ensuring that the CX is enjoyable and convenient.

When it comes to second-to-none service offerings, Akktiv8 emphasizes rethinking brand execution. The company holds strategy meetings and conducts employee and consumer surveys, as well as extensive undercover shopping. Akktiv8 puts a certain number of mystery shoppers into the retail stores that it represents to collects data on customer satisfaction and experience. This data is then used to create a valuable set of customer analytics to enhance the client’s sales and marketing strategy, and ultimately, to increase customer contentment.
  • Our point of distinction is that we work with both the retailers and the brands that they represent to fulfill the brand promise of both the retailer and the brand. We focus on the last 3 feet to ensure the CX is best in class

Substantiating the company’s noteworthy capabilities, Akktiv8 worked with a leading retailer in Australia to improve the customer satisfaction score by 15 points in one year. To drive brand promise, the company aligned with the client’s top brands, uncovered consumer pain points, and obtained real-time insights into the customer journey at every touchpoint. The succinct and clear data offered by Akktiv8 enabled the client to better interpret the information, act swiftly, and escalate to a superior consumer experience.

Putting the puzzle pieces of CX together, Akktiv8 has demonstrated a continuous capability to understand what is required and explore strategies to deliver successful results throughout a client’s journey. It strives to bring more retailers and brands to life, in-store and digital, with its unparalleled services, and guarantees that the brand’s story remains consistent throughout the shopper’s journey.